A wearable against anxiety

PULSE is a wearable designed for those who suffer from anxiety. With a versatile design, it allows the user to wear it anytime, anyplace. 

Plus, its motor is silent, so it allows the user to use it at any place.

The sphere has a vibration motor controlled by two buttons. One for the activation / deactivation of the engine, and another to change between the two rhythms: Breathing, and counting.


The analog operation system, without screens or gestures, allows total control of the operation of the sphere, while reducing the attention needed to use it. This makes it usable anytime and anywhere.


PULSE works with a rechargeable lithium battery. To eliminate unnecessary wiring and inputs, the sphere uses a wireless system.

To facilitate a perfect alignment between Transmitter and Receiver and achieve an optimal load, the charging station has a slit that allows to place the sphere so that it does not slip, allows the user to pick it up easily, and ensures the perfect conditions for the charging system.


At the base, a curve of white leds will indicate the state of the battery: if all the LEDs are on, the battery is full. If only the first two are on, the battery is low. In this way, to check the status of the battery, you only need to deposit PULSE in the base.

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